All the history of the city in a unique museum

All the history of the city

The History Museum was designed in 1984 by Pierre Salvi, then Mayor of Viarmes.
His original idea was to bring together in a room of objects, documents related to the evolution and history of the town and were scattered in different places.
In 1986, he decided to arrange a large room on the second floor of City Hall to create the Museum of Local History. Some antiques, gifts Viarmois, enrich the collection of communal objects thus collected. And the goal for many years is to enrich this collection to make it more attractive.
Following the death of Mr. Pierre Salvi, an association was created with the aim to manage and promote the museum.
Today, several areas make up the museum. These have been built to reconstruct scenes of local life from the early 1900s to 1950. Eight areas were developed: a classroom, a hair salon, a shoe, a kitchen, a coffee shop, a pantry, a bedroom and a nursery.

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