The hydraulic heritage of the city of Viarmes

The hydraulic heritage

Water held a prominent place in the history of Viarmes.
The current architecture still bears witness to this particular link.
In the thirteenth century was built a remarkable network supplying drinking water.
The monks of the abbey Royaumont royal are behind this idea. Pipes were dug along the top of the hill to the abbey Viarmes to power the site. They are interspersed with glances basins that allow the monitoring of the flow of water and maintenance of galleries. This underground network is still in perfect condition and its entry is now designated as the “Fontaine aux Moines”.
This monument is now listed as a historic monument.
Until 1932, the many sources of the municipality supplied drinking water to the inhabitants. Through these sources, many wash houses have been built. Two of them remain today, one of which dates from 1882.

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