The origin of the city of Viarmes

The origin of the city of Viarmes through time

It seems that the current site has been occupied since Gaule. This village of Old France would have derived its name « Via Armorum » its location on the route from Lutèce at Camp Caesar (Gouvieux). This first name then fluctuated over the centuries: Wirmesou, Wiermes, Urmes, Ourmes.
In the Middle Ages that the first written mention Viarmes as a parish under the name Viarma

The spa is Viarmes before 1119. It is held in fee by Nivelon Pierrefonds under Renaud There, Comte de Clermont. Late twelfth century, William of Garlande is lord of Viarmes and Belloy. In 1217, the land of Viarmes are the property of Countess de Grandpré. In 1258, the manor is the Chambly Stone hands that transmits to his descendants.
During the Hundred Years War, the English occupied Beaumont, Asnieres, and Viarmes Luzarches. There they massacred a hundred men at a place called “The Mascrée” (deformation slaughter).
In 1455, Pierre Dubois is Lord of Viarmes. His son William succeeded him. In 1529, William Fountain buys terres.Son son, Charles inherits his death in 1548. The three daughters of Charles keep undivided lordship, but from 1606, the castle terreset are sold separately. This is probably between 1606 and 1621 Sully, Minister of Henry IV becomes the owner of the castle. In 1641 the President of Parliament Mace Le Boulanger bought the lordship. His son, Auguste, President of the Grand Council inherits in 1665. In 1713, arrives at Viarmes Elie Jean-Baptiste Camus Pontcarré, Provost of the merchants of Paris, who will build the actuel.Il castle is also the origin of the street surrounding the Bourse du Commerce in Paris that bears the name rue de Viarmes. He died in 1775 and his son sells the title of Marquis Travanet, Mestre dragons camps.
Between 1789 and 1792, sees Viarmes get its first mayor: Father François Lemaire. In 1791, during the sale of national assets, the Marquis of Travanet buys Royaumont Abbey. To save his head from the guillotine, he demolished the magnificent abbey church and its furnishings dispersed. The castle is then transferred successively to the families of Haugeranville and De la Grange. In 1833, the old gates of Viarmes are demolished. In 1845, the Marquis de la Grange Castle puts up for sale by tender. It was awarded in 1847 to General Duvivier who will sell it to the town in 1856 for the sum of 27,000 gold francs, in order to install mayor and school.

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